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We are a team of highly motivated and well-trained technicians. We utilise technology to deliver outstanding IT solutions to your business whilst delivering a very personalised service. As a small, but growing business, we understand the demands of small and medium-sized enterprises and are able to deliver a portfolio of services from the latest cloud computing and remote working through to bespoke web services and IT support.

Our engineers are dedicated to quickly and effectively resolving your IT issues and

proactively managing your IT infrastructure to protect against costly downtime.

IT systems are an area of risk for businesses and are often targeted by those wishing to steal information or to simply cause harm through malicious programmes. Both types of threat can cause significant damage to your IT infrastructure and consequently your reputation. We can provide you with in-depth analysis on potential threats and vulnerabilities in this area and produce detailed mitigation recommendations. IT Loft can make sure that the right IT security policies are put in place and monitored to ensure the highest levels of security are implemented at all times.
Make sure you save the data that is important to you Whether you have had a hard drive failure or data loss we are ready to help. We offer the following data backup and Recovery Services: Hard Drive backup Cloud Storage (Automatic backups) Data Recovery from a failed or non-functioning drive Data Recovery from a system that needs to be reformated Data encryption Anything else not listed, contact us for more information.
We offer not only quality IT Support & Consulting Services but also top of the line web design and web development services to businesses in the Skane area and all around Sweden.

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Google has plans for a lot more of its self-driving cars

Google has plans for a lot more of its self-driving cars

Google has plans for a lot more of its self-driving cars If you’re a fan of Google’s bubble-shaped self-driving cars, good news: The company wants to make a lot more of them. In fact, its edging closer  to mass production, Google’s Sarah Hunter told the California Public Utilities Commission earlier this week. The autonomous vehicles — designed from the ground  up by Google — have recently begun testing in Austin, Texas after operating in California for several years. “We’re… making a few hundred of them,” said Hunter, as the Guardian reports. “We’re making them to enable our team to learn how to actually build a self-driving vehicle from the ground up.” Hunter is head of policy at GoogleX, the division that handles its “moonshot” projects, developed with the far future in mind. For the time being, Google’s autonomous vehicles are powered by electric batteries,  but future models may use some form of hybrid engine, Hunter said. The company’s self-driving  technology was first tested via a fleet of modified Lexus cars, but these new motors have  been designed from scratch with artificial intelligence drivers in mind. For the time being, the vehicles are limited to a top speed of 25mph. They also require detailed maps of the places they operate in, on top of the advanced scanning equipment incorporated into the car itself — that’s one of the reasons why the cars have been trialled in a limited number of locations so far. Current U.S. legislation only permits the testing of self-driving car if a human is present to seize control if necessary. Should Google get into the business of mass manufacturing, the roll-out of these vehicles would still be... read more