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IT Support when you need
You don’t want to have contracts for IT Support packages but still need assistance with office PCs and peripherals, servers, network devices and so on.  IT Support On Request is what you need. No matter what services you need we are ready to provide you with quick help and support.

Support packages for your business.

We develop individual package sets for your company’s needs. You don’t need to pay more for unnecessary services.

With regular visits and inspection of your IT infrastructure we control and prevent system failure before it becomes critical. In time updates help save your business processes stability.

Actual updates, patches and antivirus bases are also very important for stable system functionality.

Backup plan control lets you be sure that your data has actual copy.

Security audit of your system controls and prevents possible critical data leakage.

In time inventory of your IT environment, track of software versions and warranty periods prevent your company work of failure.


IT-Loft offers IT support for Windows and Mac, Linux, Android or other OS for private clients.

Among other things we offer:

  • IT related purchases advising
  • OS Installation and reinstallation
  • Installation of different computer programs
  • Security check of networks and computers
  • Virus and malware cure
  • Peripherals set up, installations and upgrades (printers, scanners etc)
  • Set up, configuration and maintenance of wireless networks
  • Windows, Mac, Linux, Android maintenance, upgrades and recovery
  • IP telephony set up
  • Installation and maintenance of different mailclients
  • Installation and configuration of different home media devices (home media servers, network data storages, etc.)
  • Other issues? contacts