Network Audit

Network Audit

IT Loft can develop the effectiveness of your network according to your own specific needs.
Some of things we can inquire into:
  • Software licensing
  • Server performance
  • Old, unused systems
  • Whether your software is up to date
  • Who uses your network and why
After network audit, we can recommend or provide managed network solutions to meet the needs of your business.
Network Security

Network Security

The well-built network that fits needs of your company also should be safe.
IT Loft provides different network security solutions to protect you from any threats to your secure data.
After detailed analysis of the current situation with your current security facilities and procedures, we identify any potential weak spots or areas for improvement.
Our experienced engineers will install any necessary hardware or software solutions to provide your computer network with the latest security technology.
We also provide ongoing support to your network security to insure it is constantly up to date, and never exposed to any unnecessary risk
Network Backup

Network Backup

IT Loft develops a secure backup system that guards against the damage caused by loss of data. There is always a danger that sensitive data could be lost just because something could go wrong, no matter how safe your network is,
That’s why a secure network backup system is required, so any lost data may be safely recovered.
We can help to find in a variety of available backup solutions the one that is best suited to the needs of your business and install it.
Specially designed to work with your computer network automatic backup leaves you time and space to focus on the goals of your business.

Network Support

An effective computer network requires a successful installation.
To ensure optimum network performance IT Loft provides the necessary ongoing maintenance and support.
Regular tests on all aspects of your network ensure that everything is working in a proper way.
24 hour support in case of emergency.
So if anything ever goes wrong, we’ll be there to provide an instant solution.