WEB Design and web programming

Need a promo website, forum, news website, blog or on-line shop – just contact IT Loft and our team design and develop it for you.

Have a website design in mind – contact our company and we bring life to your idea.

Web Development

IT Loft  has experience in multiple programming languages. We can develop websites using HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, Jquery, MySQL databases and more. Contact us to find what you need.

Web Hosting

We help you with web hosting and find the solution most suitable for you with minimum costs.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website in search engines. Make your business being visible to the others.

Let us know if you’d like us to help get your business found.

Mobile-Friendly Web Design

Websites we create are built to be mobile-friendly on all devices, such as an iPhone, Android, or other smartphones. We also offer custom mobile-friendly web design, which makes your website easier to navigate by streamlining the information.

Digital Photography

Our company helps your business to look the best way possible.

The Way We Cooperate with You

  • Meet 10%

IT Loft sets up a meeting with you to evaluate your project goals and how our design services can help you reach them.

  • Learn 30%

We learn more about the project and what result you’d like to obtain. It helps to develop the best solution for your project to reach necessary audience.

  • Design 70%

We develop a model of the future website on the basis of the received information from the meeting and your view.

  • Review 90%

You approve the design of your future website for its development. In some cases, Design and Review may repeat a couple times until the best design solution is reached.

  • Implement 100%

At this step, your designs come to life.